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Priestley's appointment to try to influence that oflicer's atti-
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be able to present a clean bill of health. The regiment has been
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lymph-glands of the neck are usually much enlarged. Subacute
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* l' ImI i- \vI«^mv»»i III'* ^ fi"<*^ IS located, as in mammary or uterine
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of cold water should be poured upon the nape of the neck, followed by
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I placed considerable emphasis upon it in a paper read at the
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of an apparatus devised by Dr. Wild. It is a modification of
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Elleeton.— May 30th, at Aberford, John Edward Ellerton, M.R.C.S.,1
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T'otes of Thanks were passed to the retiring President (Dr.
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to generation, this portion of the problem would be solved ;
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rose-red color, but in time become less bright, shading into purple.
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parts between. This susceptibility progressively decreases until it
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It is, however, in disease or tumors involving important organs in
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nature is proportioaal to the activity of respiration. Huxley calculated
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selection and condensation more onerous, and sometimes,
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relinquished in 1841, after consulting tlie famous Dr. Bright,
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In general, the lesions of the tertiary stage are marked by lack of
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its severest forms. Thus, in one patient scarlet fever can be so mild
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or five hours. This is found beneath the pigs. In both in-
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followed by Pluto water or other laxative water in the morning, is
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r^-mained six weeks without taking any nourishment what-
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cerebral haemorrhage, and this might account for the non-
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because owls and cats lived on the same diet — namely, mice. There-
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stead of that, in some tissues, especially in the lungs, the inflammatory
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to all that he now tinds himself compelled to relinquish his
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x*.. - :^x*ii> v can refer to the most complete de-
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whicli are of very different shape and size ; in addition, there
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the characteristic rash, and spinal rigidity, through seven weeks of
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structural changes to be going on in the tissues of the joint. But a
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Dr. J. Carmichael referred to a case under his care, which
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There is no doubt that imder its influence an imusual amoimt of fatig-