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of our civilization. It was here that the fevers were to be

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nine and one-half inches in circumference and eight

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ing Facts. — Truths like the foregoing possess, however,

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with dropper to be diluted with distilled water for

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a manner that the front of the chest, the front of the neck and the chin

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proximate cause of fever, or rather fever itself, for such is the doctrine

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3. — The third feature of the activities of the Board is a direct out-

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mater ; coma rapidly follows. There are generally also convulsions, some-

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a half teaspoonful of bovinine was ordered every hour in

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Cytamceba Danilewsky, 1890 ; Proteosoma Labbe, 1894 ;

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stomach^ What I wish to ask is : i, Is such a thing pos-

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an account of a case under the above heading which opens up

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1905. They are cases in which localized flusliing and sw^eating (so-called

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prised that Dr. Hatfield was 00 enthusiastic about it.

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health is fully regained, especially if any tendency to gastroptosis i« '*I>Mri^|

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an hypnotic in a few cases. The remedy was given in

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time of menstruation, and escape from the ovary or are extruded whether there

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before the patient can get it into his mouth, he uses a thousand

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abdomen, with pain there and in the hack, underwent occasional remissions, but on

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hemiplegia and aphasia, from blocking of the left middle cerebral, may

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with swelling of the external genitalia, and she sought a hos-

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The isthmus may be clamped and then divided, but I believe that

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me a couple of years ago : " We in Germany have known

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the organ to have become insensible. There can be no

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from the Secretary of State, Sir George Grey, to have

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removed from the body of an apparently healthy man,

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panied at intervals by loud screaming. By the time I reached the