followed up with antiseptic dressing, is amon^ the most striking and Tamable
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distillation with zinc dust in a current of dry hydrogen yielded amines, benz-
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There can hardly be said to be any distinctive mor-
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of the ulcer is rilled in by the bone, which is attacked by osteitis or necrosis.
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thor's treatment is as follows : The patient is piit to bed and
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opened widely. She improved a little during the next few days and became
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that bisulphide of carbon may have more therapeutic power than is
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inflammation could be established, but even in the inflammatory cases
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an easy matter to get a finger into the uterus, when it was ascertained that
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not say much about it because m}' experience has been
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the Report of the Education Committee, which had been presented, but not
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ysms of suffocation, which recurred about three times in the twenty-four hours.
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law of diffusion of gases assures the comparative purity of
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cause of melancholia — an hypothesis that was sustained to a
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Cases of perfor 'ting ulcer of the foot. Edinb. Hosji. Rep
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the way described, which require circumcision is ex*
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purpose— namely, to preserve life— there is no ques-
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moved over the kidney surface, symptoms almost exactly like those of
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of things has occurred. Perhaps the gentlemen present at the
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The Washington County Medical Society held its reg-
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of unusual dryness of the eye-ball since the operation. The
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ties are used. Tnen 10 c.c. of the plasma are neutralized
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knife into it. In another case of false aneurism of the
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ursemic symptoms had entirely disappeared, but he had ascites again. Was
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Dr. L. S. PiLCHER, in connection with the first patient pre-
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The patient ran a little temperature, the highest, 100.4°, for
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scopic specimens in which these peculiar cells are found tre-
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ration of treacle once a week afterwards). How, then, can
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disease, became yellowish or brown at centre and base, more rarely
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The second point of similarity is the influence of valency. The
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That excision of the coccyx is comparatively a simple
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sected aAvay when space has been gained by removal of the tongue. Lymphatic
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sources of infection in such places have become so numerous that it is unsafe
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binations of molecules in the food. The role of protein in the
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fore death. The post-mortem findings in acute mania
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and unsatisfactory in the hands of the general doctor. Rest is essential
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aiytainoid still occupies a more advanced position than the right, and
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