followed the operation, but rather an increase ! fered from the slightest motion of the joint,

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the consequence is that the risk of purulent absorption or infiltration is all the

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I have never seen an epidemic of this disease, but I have met

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taken every pains to acquaint himself on the spot with the

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draining the gallbladder following the operation of

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complained of a swelling of the anal margin which had,

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ter of fact it has simply broken off, and the bulk of it has

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medical matters which have exercised the public mind during

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inches long on its greater curvature. The jejunum is then

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sion from the lumen of the bowel or in part or wholly of

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Veins differ from arteries in the following particulars: Veins:

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with the laryngeal type of crisis there may be a degree of

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cylinders of this region swell, become more distinctly fibrillated, and commence to

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Expert Testimony — Exaggeration of Injuries. — The

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kidney uor in the muscular tissue was there any sug-

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Dysentery.— Sandwith (The London nary and unexplained prevalence of bac-

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chioli with the air-sacs. The opening sometimes is, as it were,

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also attack from the first certain muscles, especially the latissimus dorsi,

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persons who were drowned at the Regcnt's-park, was Dr.

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XIII. An Account of a Case in which a Sixpence was lodged in the Larynx

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friends, most of them females, to the camp. It was no easy matter to

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day happening, where life is endangered or lost by inflammation that can-

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There are many other points of interest in this paper which will repay a

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posed that they were using the blood of a person with pure quartan

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and so far had found it satisfactory. When given before

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April 17th. — The nausea, with occasional efforts at vomiting, continuing, tl

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ny. Mr. Wedderburn, tlie Solicitor General of the Crown, appeared

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Complaii of no pain, which, however, is elicited on deep pressure oyer

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there will be evidence of syphilis, and, as a rule, other nerves will be

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cules is to be found a physical condition favorable to the

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Casde i (■.ii)irati"U cbez un fcetus de cinq mois. Rayons X,

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This observer found tliat while minnows were kept in ordinary

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seems to be of less frequent occurrence — amongst the

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The fever study patients represent many different disease entities,

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G. Trow, South Deerfield, Vice-President ; Dr. A. C. Deane,

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(c) Practitioner, vol. i., p. 312. Dr. Hughes Bennett (RevnoMs's

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doctor had pulled the head throu^'h the brim of the pelvis with

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concussion, compression, laceration, and abscess of the brain;

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the loud tympanitic note of the intestines, which can be elicited round

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simple, rhythmic music, an appreciation of music is eultivated

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coexisting jaundice are to be relied upon in making the discrimination.

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more common in the serum cases than under former methods of

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