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the difference between adding normal and hemophilic platelets is not
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Lungs, larynx, kidney, testicle, epididymis, cutaneous, -
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change. Fig. 22 shows a tracing from a case of purely nervous
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do not cause a diuresis, or if a diuresis occurs, there may be evidence
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Observers along other lines of study have frequently noted a fail-
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hair of the eyebrows, eyelashes, axilke, and pubes may also be vi
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The truth is, the double sound in the crural arteries is heard in
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10,000 living) were coloured in shades of hlue, the darkest blue repre-
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exophthalmic goitre. Some of these occur frequently, others are
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partly by pressure on, and obliteration of, the efferent chyle vessels.
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diseased, the support thus afforded to the blood-column is impaired ;
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other hand, in acquired obstruction there may be a history of com-
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it must be referred to the centre of vaso-motor action. The atonic
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or a history of indigestion or some other circumstance as a result of
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recurrence is a definite and sufficiently accurate criterion of recovery
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these circumstances the interruption of its circulation through the
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and the unique lesions in the heart of our Case 5 have been reported
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relative intensities of the lights reflected by the two suspensions may be
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Symptoms. — Aneurysm of the heart presents no characteristic
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He was given five doses of 0.6 gm. salvarsan without any change in his
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way. It will be remembered that the degeneration of the heart mus-
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In these experiments the fibrinogen solution used consisted of one
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instead. " The senile heart," says Dr. G. W. Balfour, "is the gouty
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palpitation was caused once in a case, also under the observation
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affect the stomach. The attacks of palpitation with the other signs
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hepatitis, the evidences of which at the autopsy were the old fibroid
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of an average of 33 per cent. The most automatic portion of the
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would otherwise eventuate in the incurable disease, may be averted.
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and cultures of spleen from a normal animal were grown in a medium
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anticipated. In view of the wide and uniform distribution of the lesions in those
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diastole of the ventricles. Most frequently the murmur is double — ■
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had eroded the wall of the right auricle, had broken through it, and
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the hydrogen ion concentration in the urine is not reliable as an index