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When genuine suspicion began to focus upon her, Mary cleverly dis-

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sity. In many cases it has occurred as an idiopathic disease, while

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having received the necessary information from his clerk, he examines

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Thus, some must be treated rather actively, on the antiphlogistic plan

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sciences. But he need not wholly detach himself from them ; some

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complete paralysis of one side. It is in vain to assert tliat some alter-

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Lycopodium and Sidphur are indicated. Arsenicum holds the first

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doing so. I think that it !^ generally admitted that

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much cut in or jagged, almoft like unto Adonis Flow-

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our conceptions respecting certain deviations from the regular course

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school. Surgeons are none too plentiful as it is. I know of one division

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with edema and other changes described. Death is not common after

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nor its recover}^ very remarkable. Tor a full refutation of so groundless

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the gentleman would exclaim, " Now I am well,'' and he could then eat

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ination, but presume, as the eye seems to be improving in visual

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ting ague arise, totally unconnected with inflammation, and of which I

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only a slight accumulation of urea, much less than is ordinarily encountered

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city we have so many zealous, intelligent students, so many young me-

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physician of the Boston Dispensar}^ for nearly a year, in the Massa-

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fever, you must employ mercury at once ; and cases of pneumonia,

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relief from the agonizing pains in the diaphragm and chest. The interval

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" This constitution became general at the very same period in Great

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of the Publications of Lee & Shepard ; Boston. Oliver Optic's IMagazine ;

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applying a small number, repeated at short intervals, until the violence

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cysts of Endamoeba nana in the stools at the time discharge. In stained

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course. Were this ascertained, a sort of observatory of epidemics

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quently witness in cases of venereal disease complicated with mercurial

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tory process extends to the lungs, producing cough, the hectic flush

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Mobile I How the pulse of patriotism throbs as memory recurs to the gallant

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for February, 1868, which I most heartily indorse. I feel confident

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be most cautious in making a prognosis when we meet this form of in-

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the patient seemed to be doing well, by the communication of unpleas-

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efferent ducts of most glands have the power of contracting when irri-

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ject, not merely of dislike, but of animadversion and ridicule, on the

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however, continuing to discharge matter, this sweUing gradually de-

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centres, and thence, by a reflex progress, may extend its influence to

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minute. Here is a very remarkable difference of pulse depending

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be more frequently the seat of congestion than the liver, and that its

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less each year since the introduction of the Bowman method of treat-

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