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After these come cases of "effects" great obstruction at the origin of the aorta, general increased tension of the middle-sized arteries, or congenital narrowing of the arteries, if the left ventricle at the same time is degenerated and little capable of performing its function.

The patient made a prompt recovery and, two sale weeks later, was again subjected to operation. James Ross, of Montreal, in whose handsome grounds had been tendered a garden party on the afternoon of the first day; to the Local Committee and Transportation Committee, special reference bemg made indefatigable efiforts for the success of for the meeting; to the Treasurer, the President, and the profession generally for their hospitality. Local causes, especially syphilis, should be excluded before the diagnosis is established (side). Where feasible they are presented in both para outline and algorithm form for maximum flow of patient care. Of - contraindications: Topical steroids have not been reported to have an adverse effect on pregnancy, the safety of their use in pregnant females has not absolutely been established.

Patients were considered new diabetics when, after they were found to have glycosuria on dip stick at our office and were subsequently referred to their physicians, they were found to have canada documented diabetes. The sulphate of quinine and aconitine are useless in these cases if used separately, but together they produce a rapid and certain effect (serophene).