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source of their supposed efficacy appears to have been

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pelvis, and the circumference of the pelvis seventy-

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the group of modern antipyretics, and antipyrin itself in particular,

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1874. Cumbebbatch, Alphonso Elkin, F.B.C.S., 80, Portland-place, W.

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successor, boldly claimed that in this way he had cured

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cles which" are attached are the pectoralis minor and

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Jounial of the Missouri State Medical Association June 1988

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In regard to Opacities of the Vitreous Body, it was

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Sicily, and Turkey, malaria is endemic; in Italy, especially, occur the

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today being the first time I have seen Dr. DeV. since I wrote

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ed to improve during the day, and convalescence was gradual

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not worth while bothering about, and as a result did

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minimum amount of the thyroid hormone results in an increased pro-

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shape, not so hard, and can be traced along the back as one mass

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THE parts eompoaing the nervous Bystem are, Jir^l, the brain and opiu

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disappeared, and the patient will be confined in a few months.

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warranted in performing them, and this the event proved. The first two patients

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recurrence of the enlargement, the occasional feeding of small amounts

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copious water-drinking is completed, however, and a return is made to.

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we can readily see what its effects through the sympathetic system will be.

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the more advanced and malig^nant phases of rodent ulcer if he wishes

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the cases, and they will be requested to make a test of the

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Jackson is a non-contagionist, as will abundantly appear from his narra-

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hardly as an expert, still his statements can be made with

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For children over 1 year of age a mashed-potato gruel may

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case, was not paid on account of the small amount in

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potass; a dessert-spoonful to be slowly swal- sema extends to Poupart's ligament on the

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which we are undecided as to when to operate. In many cases there is a condi-

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successor, boldly claimed that in this way he had cured

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Pautrier and Lutembacher gave two individuals infected with sporo-

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to-day. Professor Trousseau breathed his last this morning,

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oedema, or enlargement of the liver had taken place.