death ; of the different methods of resuscitation ; and he con-
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infection, worry, tobacco, lead, and other things which
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womb had fallen, in the pouch of the prolapsed bladder, and
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The following interesting narrative, by Dr. Patrick of the
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with complete success, without previous knowledge of M. Goyrand's proceed-
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the blood. Independently, therefore, of the varying effects of more or less
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outer rectus muscles (the outside reins) are too short the
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often effusion; in the second period, tortuous veins, stasis,
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" As West Point, New York, is on the same degree of latitude with Fort
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produced by the inferior oblique; for, 1st, that muscle could only move the pupil
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Dr. Maats recognises at least three kinds of sympathetic
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This consists of a flask, closed by a cork, which is traversed by two tubes,
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great group which plays by far the largest part in the history
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morbid alteration of the liver in cirrhosis, briefly reviews the different opinions
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the bones are more liable to tuberculosis. "Scrofula" is
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facts have been long well known. Ambroise Pare mentions them; Pigray
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and that in tubal disease, that the water is increased, instead
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Dr. Nicholson^s essay treats of the epidemics of yellow fever in
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amputations in continuity ; and 72, with 66 recoveries and 6 deaths,
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source of great pain and inconvenience, and has even been known
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the skin warm. At times the ierking was absent for a period of the
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was drawn up, its volume diminished a little, and this stood in
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The Professor of Chemistry has a complete Chemical and Philosophical Apparatus.
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state lasting some years. 7. Generalisation and aggravation of the
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over the upper part of the sternum, appearing to arise from the periosteum; the
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This consists of a flask, closed by a cork, which is traversed by two tubes,
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cases of cholera occurred in a corporal of the 15 th, and his child,
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Dtrediims. — Boil down to a consistency like jam. Apply with soft
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thus effected lasted an hour; the moment it was stopped the blood flowed.
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the prevalence of the disease in our chief seaports. Several cases
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was held directly in the flame. He observed in some instances an opaque
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appeared affectionate, and in the evening requested him to partake of part
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to Charleston, tracing the increased mortality to Quacks and Quackery. Dr.
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As illustrative of the variety of cicatrices, and the necessity of occasionally
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effects on dogs and cats, 0*5 for rabbits : for mice, 0*5 milli-
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vation. One fasts by voluntarily abstaining from food.
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is communicated on this subject. But in this country few even of
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itch, 2 of inflammation of the spleen, 2 of rheumatic fever, 2 of uterine hemor-
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detenus, ^o special medical officer was appointed to it till the
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exhaustion on the 31st. None of the other inmates in the house
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marks : — The occurrence of fever with pregnancy can scarcely be
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tated, and painful. The left eye was opened with difficulty, and
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find much well considered advice; we note especially some
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expectation of it to be permitted to influence treatment, or to
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director declared that Fletcher's hand was so steady at
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being covered with extensive pine forests, not, however, without many