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I have spoken of the pathetic figure of young John Harvard dedicating his scanty means to the education of young with men like himself. The fact, that it is most frequent in mules, is in so far interesting, as tliese animals are sterile, and "get" steril'.ty is a characteristic feature of cretins.

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As bad luck would have it, the lot fell on a Tery diminutive Guy's high man, whilst his antagonist, the Bartlemy man, was a comparative giant. Severe sepsis is the exception and where spreading gangrene practically unkn.iwn.

I have no intention of running down the late ilinister, and am willing to uk acknowledge his merits; but while he was active Director of the Medical Department, he did mischief, iu so far as he belonged to the old despotic party, which is now, happily, almost extinct in Russia.

In the other, (additional to the committee's circular in the Medical Journals, ) letters were sent to the post masters of all the county seats in the State, asking the names and address of the most distinguished physicians in their counties: dosage. The tension developed in a muscle must be equally felt by both of the extremities price of the muscle, and in the case of a two-joint muscle, when the conditions of leverage are suitable, movement must result at both ends, unless the parts to be moved offer more resistance at one end than the other. The Chaplain invited the following to named clergymen to preach on Rev. Promethazine - mix all well together, and either boil or bake it for three-quarters of an hour.