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ser\e as a drainage-tube. The upper cul-de-sac on the inner surface of
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much for the Hellenic conception of culture, and can
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has done so much to render the Aberdeen student successful in competitive
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Myers himself has previously made some valuable contributions to
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The Aberdeen Free Press. August 9th ; The 0.\ford Tunes, August 6lh ; Ihe
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thoughts, with fatal insistence, inevitably reverted to
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Association, Chairman of the Direct Representation Com-
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pointed hook. Hoyer, who used a hook, was obliged to make several
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unknown metabolic products. If few red blood-corpuscles are destroyed,
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of its time in Mme. C — 's living room, and all its nights in her sleeping
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cient pressure on the glomeruli to produce flow ; and without the wash-
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might such a condition o{ post mortem urine (as was discovered), coupled
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ties to pain, to tickling, and also to Faradisation, whilst muscular irri-
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Of 1181 horses, 128 suffered from tumours (11 per cent.) ; of 1600
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little of the drinking-water escaped by the wound. Temperature,
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solution. A fragment of the gland tissue was removed. When feeding
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EAST ASHFORD UNION, Kent— Medical Officer for District No. 5: applica-
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divided as follows : — I. To Dr. Junod, for his work entitled " Les Me-
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tive myocarditis marks the last phase in the series of disorders pro-
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heart becomes imperceptible, the pulse is lost, cold sweats cover
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Various Authors. Edited by T. Holmes, M.A.Cantab., F.R.C.S.,
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being recommended by the delegates for adoption by all armies for
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1827. ..39. Published "Observations on the System of Teaching Cli-
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the patients who have been afiected with pericarditis. These amount
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The pleurae contained a little lemon-yellow liquid, but showed
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Section F. Psychology. — President: Professor Laycock, M.D.
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