to time to keep the gauze wet, is continued as long as may be suitable
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ject for operation. We cannot drain the entire abdominal cavity, and
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and chloral and morphine were administered, but she did not
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applied, and the ends brought through so that the pressure could be graduated
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In the treatment of summer complaints of infants and children,
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justification of every crime that was committed. What was the meaning of
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are usually fatal, and in part upon the response to our efi'orts to improve
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Wright * says, "The day of theorizing has gone by. A
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Jacksonian epilepsy with reference to cerebral localiza-
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use of sterilized or boiled milk will produce scurvy,
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and so he explained the fact that the congestion was limited to the intra-
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parently, not understood. The American Ambulance, in Paris, attract-
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accessory factors in blood which have to do with the peculiar nutri-
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in from two to four hours, while in that of man it requires nineteen
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sively, to inflammation affecting the arachnoid aspect of the d
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small diameter. Laennec states that he had distinguished them
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stance whicli offends the sense of smell must be injurious to the
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flame, is a small tin plate, upon which from fifteen to thirty grains of
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case in which the biliary ducts were enlarged from twelve to fifteen times
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stant, marked changes in the intestinal canal and mesenteric glands.
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their respective districts, except such as were graduates of some literary
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These analogies may be of use in determining 2p, but sometimes a
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before clearing the obstructed kidneys, would be fraught with
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, 193.9 hours and 6.3 hours respectively. The mean earth-tempera-
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nent symptom. The symptoms mentioned as due to the pressure of the peri-
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of the bullae sometimes become hemorrhagic. The lesions
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away. The l)ladder, which prolapses into the wound, is then pushed
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of the subjective discomforts and distresses of the
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Fig. 8. — Photomicrograph, X 60, showing hemorrhage and round cell infiltra-
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it was opened and about a pint of pus obtained. In two or three weeks the
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* Dr. Steamf , New- York Medical and Phyncml Jooraal, IMS.
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thor then put him on a course of nitrate of silver for nine
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in the profession, and believed there was more than one then
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and even this ration was not attained always. Polished barley and
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