as far as he was able, an account of the last illness of Dr. Conant. A

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them to move with them. In this way you secure relaxa-

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found large varicocele of both the broad ligaments with calcarous deposits and

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the lungs, and have therefore been scarcely ascribable to the

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18. Oxalate of lime (CaCj04,2H,0). — The presence of oxalic acid in

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methods of treatment in puerperal fever, concludes that the

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Admitting pus-corpuscles and the white corpuscles of the blood to be

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was injected into the three pigs, and the pig which received the

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revitalize dead animal tissue and make it part of the living body

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the smallest size; we must be very careful not to touch any part of the

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professed review with matter either of an interesting or use-

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of five years he is promoted to be captain and receives $2,000

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cles instead of strengthening them and thus to make the

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rapid dilatation of the nostrils; pulse 120, soft and full; surface bathed with

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dent point and this fact is taken advantage of by every surgeon. Even

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the month preceding the month of publication; e.g., copy for the

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Dr. Louis Frank: Bearing out what Dr. Simpson has said, this

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described groups comprise organisms which exert a direct pathogenic action.

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has been made familiar with its history, will ever mistake it for any of these.

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The fluid evacuated from the hydronephrotic sac measured

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-■us who reason wrongly, who make illogical conclusions

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shown by almost instant relief of the symptoms. Such an

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far from the middle in both sexes, although there are dif-

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Treatment of Burns with Aristol ; a Clinical Note. By Prof. Anastasius Haas, . . 1S0

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progressively more intensive. The center of the papule may

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instead of the adult dose of 6 milligrams. The estima-

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a preference for the flexures and moist situations. Most of the secondary

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consist of a most pronounced condition of ataxia, all finer co-ordination

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bluish white, and the oxalates pale blue. This test