half of his full pay. Thus, a Surgeon-major of 20 years'
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These attract a large concourse of yachts and house-
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Symptoms which are unfavorable as prognostics are the following:
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Your Committee recommends that the entire Constitution and By-
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■ vhiltT..- 1' I'-nicdirines.particidarly calomel and tartar emetic,
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selected and treated with ability. To general readers,
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grates metal more readily than the current direct from many
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secondary anemia, although perhaps for years showing little effect on the
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FoKDYCE Barker, M. D., LL. D., Clinical Midwifery and
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Pylephlebitis, pericarditis, pleuritis, and nephritis (common) are obser\'ed.
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several physicians were not satisfied that the disease
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report that these names are copyrighted by an inmate of a Western luna-
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from sixty to ninety minims. Successful results were obtained
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66 and 67. Pus corpuscles, in healthy pus, and after the addition of acetic acid 94
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may become prominent in anthrax of the skin. The nature
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natural capacity for reflex phcnpmena is strongest, namely, in the medulla oblongata.
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effusion. He had also frequently found a large highly con-
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The treatment touched upon by Dr. Houghton needs to be
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Page[in the'Aiena"]. Med. Brief, St. Lou is. 1893, 161-107.
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severe pain in the right side and the development of fever.
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of the essay. For this reason we shall pass over the author's
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most of it can be removed through the incision, and
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abundant opportunities to point out those deleterious prac-
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erected generations ago, and in accordance with ideas which
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speedily the feeble heart. Ether, on the other hand,
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end. The expanded aural extremity forms a cushion of
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excite either vomiting or purging after the patients came
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morbid or non-traumatic origin. These latter forms are referred to as distention
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witness to its manifold uses. To quote from the preface to
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wondered if he could call me back later. This incident
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in his race ; digestion normal ; thoracic and abdominal viscera in healthy condition.
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operative bleeding is apt to follow intra-abdominal operations or
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the globe siill fixed a spoon-shaped instrument is laid
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become active. Haemoptysis may be profuse, even fatal. Pneumothorax
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significance. A very dark green stool was significant of
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On March 9th, his general condition being favorable, I
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south. It is undoubtedly caused by the inhalation of some agent connected