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but no evidence of rachitic conditions ; other observers
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said to have suffered from the disease, is M. Casimir Perrier, the prime
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bronchitis, where the secretions are opaque and viscid, it pro-
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number at 460,000. It is doubtful if this larger estimate is great enough.
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An unusual Case of Supra-patellav Bursa. By H. R. Hadden, M.D.,
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local affections that come under their notice, confi-
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nently serviceable, and commonly successful in the restora-
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researches into the etiology of epidemic disease that
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function. A peculiar difficulty in diagnosis is presented by the cases,
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tic attacks, the asthmatic condition was so grave as to pre-
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vances rapidly from one notion to another, forgetting the
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to thirty minutes for performance ; and even if we knew
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Silver has a marked action. Hence silver wire sutures
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Many physicians are adverse to entering into “politics,” but I seri-
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cussion. One such point was the liability of such a paper to be used as
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endiac portion or the small curvature, and most rarely the fundus
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think of it, we are rather more of the same mind with the little old fellow living on the Jersey Flats.
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permits the oxidation and distillation of a number of specimens at the same time.
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found among recruits that the average in men of twenty years was for
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Rigors occurring during the progress of hepatitis should make
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with the periosteum. They are usually extremely painful and tender, at
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, relief ot the in t ra-artn ular ten-i.,n. ttie . ireulati.,n in the Mibsynoual
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numerous fatalities from tetanus that have followed gun-
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of the intra-cranial pressure and the general symptoms consequent upon
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dangerous zone or not. It makes a great deal of difference what part
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throughout the present discussion. In the practical apphcation of
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cough. This had resulted in causing the foreign body to pre-
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main types of operation that are now in vogue for the
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on. colour ; the tonsils are also swollen and enlarged. The difficulty of
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of the 266 females, 100 inherited from the paternal, 130 from