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the disease. Chloroform, of which much was expected, has
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duct, and even this should, if possible, be deferred to a quies-
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deposited ; a clot is built up that gradually extends,
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more factors already described that may be deficient
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face— there is no such thing as getting rested this
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ated, had not entirely ceased by the end of four months, Broca
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Up to the present time surgical treatment yields the best
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forearm and calf were hard and rigid. The tactile sensibility
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nary article if it were not for the fact that such un-
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jections made with this on rabbits only resulted in the
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stitchy pain in the right chest, and dyspnoea if he lay
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rous as to render them both diversified and inconstant, and as they
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— At a largely attended meeting of the medical profession of
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mouth, to " chew " what requires no chewing and can
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sented of cases treated at Las Animas Hospital, Havana,
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the hand, of white, ivory color in the middle, sur-
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674,808. Hernial truss. Jobn W. Bunker, Farmlngton, Maine.
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three were improving and under treatment at the time of his pub-
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and other affections of the intellectual and moral faculties, or the
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post-hypertrophy of the inferior turbinated was not interfered
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the slightest derangement occurs, being doubly susceptible of the effects of
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Conferring the prizes of the Medical Department by the President.
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important organs. It is only in rare cases, where the disease is not
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BHtish America, in the Three kingdoms of Nature, parttcniarly (he Animul and
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the tube is almost normal in the half toward the uterine cornu.
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.grasp of the forceps upon the intestines, and then by a semicircular
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phia ; Dr. S. H. Dickson, of Charleston ; and many others. The combi-
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ducts open by eight to twenty orifices on the floor of the mouth between
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bones of the cranium were found to be widely separated, and the foe-
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might be useful, and are useful, but # the point I was trying to make
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the brain Bssulting from degeneration of the walls of the vessels ; a
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straight, but with ease. Hughes, who tau<.ht Ins ladv
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ally looked upon, especially in the larger cities of France,
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cy. In some cases I have made a cure in a very few days ;
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How to Operate for Hemorrhoids. By Charles B. Kelsey,
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(so to speak) pre-existed, and was only awaiting an
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abundant on bile-serum than on bile-albumin. The former plates
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