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was the same which Dr. Moorhouse brought from England in the year
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insanity which depend upon malnutrition — the rest
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seems as if the disease has occurred but rarely of late years,
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and churches. In conclusion, he said he would like again
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thirty-five, good family history, emaciated, cough, consid-
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ly applied, causing the patient to become difficult to
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ZwciterBand. Dritte Lieferung. Virchow's Handbuch der speciellen Pathol, und Ther. Ill
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San Francisco, Cal. [Reprinted from the "Pacific Medical Journal."]
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sarily entails a vast amount of work, and as members we are
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abridge them from tliree to two years, and to insist
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especially upon chancres, upon soft chancres in particular.
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as more favorable than the mortality of the 12 months ending
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its sittings in London, Sir Donald MaeAlister, Principal of
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Case 5 is a young- man, 23 years old, who, four months airo,
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The first ocular symptom was night-blindness in one
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is thereby occasioned, providing warm water is used. Cold
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a cover ; this orifice was situated as near as possible to the
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Individuals of lean constitution are affected less than large, well-nourished
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Further details of these cases will be considered later, in connection
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This method of treatment is also brought under our notice by Heberden, in
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noticed a swelling the size of a hen's egg on the back of her head. Six days
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method of treating the injured intestine, we may either su-
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Dr. Raymond W. McNealy, Chicago, is general chairman, and Dr. Peter A. Rosi, Chicago,
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stuff that finds its way to the hog lot should go to the garbage bank.
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■question of trauma does not hold true to such an
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New York, and at an elevation of about 800 feet, could be
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The combustion theory, the haemic, the zymotic, the
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is certainly nevertheless a form of shoe not entitled to re-
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{c) Often have to operate in an infected area (abscess,
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should be in the use of chemic compounds introduced
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Dr. Paul J. Person of the Medical Arts Clinic, Albert
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conscious enough to swallow, give one-half teaspoonful of aromatic
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any of the Nottingham hospitals, I hope he will report on it to this
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required by the sanitary senice with the other supplies. \'hen
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employed the fascia of the external oblique for this
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anti-podagral properties. Quinine is another remedy the value of which
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We must divide the honors of lithotrity and those of
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subjects are responsible, especially if, as Bernheim asserts, we can make
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month later, on January 14, at the end of the second carbohydrate
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sinus, I came to the conclusion that what he had opened was the alve-
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slight att'ection of the heart, four months alter the birth
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the upper with the middle third, which discharged freely. This
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after the meal. Retention vomiting is common. Pain, in the absence of
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tuberculosis, for which reason he had spent three winters in the
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