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which he gave these patients one-half or more with lime-

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The theory which attributes the adaptation of the eye to distinct

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tively, empty of air. " These," says Watson, "are the plain and

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peritoneal cavity (also sanguinolent and associated with a

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ous diagnostic tables is a great aid in emphasizing briefly the chief

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It is my specific purpose in this paper to call attention to the

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truths. Park's Treatise on Gunshot Wounds was published in Paris in

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the patients seemed to cough less for 'some hours after it. Dr. Gutt-

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1. The antitoxic immunity in the infant, obtained from the immune

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which will, if persevered in, cause the recovery of the

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to obey the suggestion. Thus, it would appear that there may be

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dependence upon emotional states, suggestion, etc. (6)

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pushed above the pelvic brim and the patient delivered without

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to prayer and contemplation. After several years, however,