to leave the room, as their presence would increase the anxiety of the
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right to dismiss them with a placebo and tell them to live on
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plication of water at 30° R. (99.5 F.) upon the cutaneous nerve trunk
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never seen pneumaturia or gas in the bladder in diabetes, yet
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Professor Vierordt* has established an arrangement for baths,
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show vasomotor instability, slight or great nervous excitability,
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ler, is proved by the sense of pressure on the head experienced in a
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berries, grapes, and nuts. From these selections were made,
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tion when it is unavoidable. The cold compress diminishes congestion,
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to be almost insignificant, and in proof of this it is only neces-
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(3) Geographic Distribution. — Pneumonia may be said to be an al-
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ciously arranged in accordance with the therapeutic indications which
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genic Poisons — The Death Struggle and Auto-intoxication . . . i88
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twenty-four hours, and when gonococci have disappeared use
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bean. The pulp, put up with sugar, gives us tamarinds as we
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want permanent separation, bnt rather a different sort of affiliation,
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The Toronto General Llospital has military wards and now has
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tuberculosis, osteomyelitis, and ordinary remittents. If the case
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though not an absolute, immunity against subsequent attacks.
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he had used the material for his new book then in press, and
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" The Scotch douche consists of the quick alternation of streams of
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—Concerning Milk— Tests for Milk— Regulating the Milk Trade-
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The superiority of the hot-air cabinet bath over the ordinary Turkish
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best adapted. A piece of carpet being spread alongside the bed the
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expressed opposition to -this firmly established error, an error which
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la Tour Blanche is another famous brand. The best of the
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or their secretions ; but whether this is attributable to a reinfection from
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^ For illustrative cases see also "Diagnosis and Treatment of Prebacillary Stage of
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likely to become involved by complications, remembering at the same
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which does not sharply occur, but includes the sequence of the disease.
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the procedure is finished the catheter should be pinched between the
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the practical nurse should be jirotected and that for her there
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Liebig's food alone, i ; with condensed milk, i ; total, 2.
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This induces a soothing effect upon the peripheral vessels and nerves,
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croid often suppurates. We know now that we may have a
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it is ineffective and there is present a high fever with decided nervous
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Briefly, the most trustworthy diagnostic features are the gradual on-
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or 7.84, equal albumin; total, 12.96 albumin. From this it
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usually present, the stools showing a deficiency of bile. The urine is
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firing, etc. The practitioner who has not had special training in hy-
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In forty years the knowledge of the pathology of and
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two or three per cent, will in a short time render the employment of