well-chosen illustration.';, its influence on animal life. He
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of institutions are provided with modern autoclaves. In some
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of Fort Wayne, Ind., read a paper in Avhich he said that of
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a large meaL In both patients the disease has lasted several jean.
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sides, it one may speak in that way of a circular object,
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We propose^ however, still further to illustrate this proposhion by tb« following:
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the calcareous degeneration. This occurs in simple fibrinous exudation, in
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and mental agitation toward evening. The occurrence of epistaxis affords
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effect than a copious discharge from the bowels. The
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value of their own, far greater in proportion to their size
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endo-venous injections of a solution of Chloride and Bicarbonate of
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studied, and it has been ascertained that these processes in all
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certain in some cases that it occurred elsewhere. The few post-mortem exami-
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which they are subjected does not appear to be prejudicial,
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new illustrations have been inserted, ineludintc quite
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labourers, the truck system, and establishment of local stores where pro-
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national culinary habits, {h) the curing methods, and (c) the federal meat
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the motion of contraction, commencing in the auricles, in-
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ment of gastric catarrh is to reduce the dilatation of the
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Fig. 70. — Ulcerating granuloma of the pudenda in the male.
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situation, together with the exceedingly rare occurrence of a.
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from the imperfect combustion of the glucose of the
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are nice) broken into small pieces ; pour upon them boiling water and
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Swedish villages for such cases revealed that 35 per cent., 46 per cent,
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tives. The South indeed is unfortunate in the ^'""^ ^^*^^ °^ consumption that occur so fre-
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that if on his next visit to me, six months hence, it
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am very grateful to Mr. Aubrey Pollock, my house surgeon,
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quired to conduct an investigation and a public hear-