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knowledge of its nature is not necessary for practical purposes.

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letter from Mrs. M. relating the failure of her husband's sight

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slow, and soft, and so continued to within two days of his decease. The

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New York Homceopathic Medical College. — Here we found as-

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pathological and pathogenetic symptoms. This classification must,

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Wagner," and whose nucleus is the vesicle of Purkinje. Around this

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chiefly confined to the Arsenal ; and out of 210 attacked, only 58 died.

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weakness, cramps in the calves, retention of urine, and cold sweat,

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regulate the diurnal revolutions of the animal economy, to use, as our

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choking sensations, tight chest, and inability to take a deep breath.

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nausea and obstinate retching, to sharp feeling of hunger used to occur

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Ellen Dowden, aged 18, admitted into the Meath Hospital on the 8th

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