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by physicians to the pregnant women under their care. The

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Committee of the New York Society for Medico-Scientific Investigation. We retain, in publi-

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tion into the cavity of the joint, composed ruainly of serum with but little ad-

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3. The observer must have had access to all classes of cases,

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Purulent Cerebral Inflammations as a Complication of Diseases of

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exclusively by the bone marrow, both the long bones and the short, flat bones

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accepted the position of president of the State Commission in Lunacy,

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circumscribed or localized tenderness on pressure, persistent and

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dangerous, and causes a mortality oscillating between

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actions National Ededic Medical Aisocialion. 1881-83,

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ford) conferred on him the degree of LL.D. Four years later, he

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fully painful ; " and, being requested to locate the pain, she put

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traced to one Henri de Juatt, a knight of the first crusade.

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member of the Erie County Medical Society, a member of the board

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We should not meddle with a fissured, even a divided

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ten of the thirteen professors resigned, and organized the

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gunshot wounds are of different nature : (i) The projectile

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of disease has consequently been made to assume another new

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a number of valuable contributions to current medical literature.

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irregular, split up ; whilst wounds received from a distance

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brain. Thus, acting as sensible scientific men should, we should

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even by children, but it is bitter. The dose is 10 to 40 gr. (gm. 0.6 to 2.5).

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some months he had been suffering from rheumatism of the left

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nated official duty to personal convenience or private

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The remedies are selected upon physiological principles, and the

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at the same time being hungry. When milk, the chief food of infants, is

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Cqi^'TusioNS, Fissures, Fractures of the Inner Table,

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cally, and without consciousness of the 'surroundings, and with

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normal action of the organism when it exists, and to recover it

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factories in which fine wood-work is executed, the use of steam-