ranted in calling iodine a thyroid tonic. It stimulates the morbid gland to
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At about the seventeenth week the pelvis was very well
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XXXV, 15-80. Aho, Reprint. Also, tian-sl.: peuis(liis
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chart. Fig. 2) ; on March 6th to 68 per cent. ; on March 13th
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ting blood. These will all be best considered hereafter.
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Causation. — InfEuitile paralysis may, according to the statistics of M.
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ical science and the promotion of the interests of the whole
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the orbicularis oris would probably be affected while the limbs would escape ;
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corresponding loss of vision. There may be advanced pallor, with diminu-
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1876. Although the treatment was by baths averaging
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Sequelae. — Arterial degeneration, interstitial nephritis,
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membrane, the glandular apparatus, is concerned ; into inter-
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Communications are invited from all parts of the world.
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by insomnia, which yields to no remedies. The temperature, which is
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Section of Surgery, — "Septic Peritoneal Infections; Qassification and
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accompanied by all of the usual symptoms of sciatica and one
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ticulars, is similar to anthracosis, differing merely in the nature of the
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27. Umber and RetzlafF: Zur Harnsaure-Retention bei der Gicht. Verhandl.
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of lymph, also form openings into which the intestine may pass.
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About this time our own beloved son of the South, Gen. William
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the statistics presented in the paper were a great surprise to me. I am not
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BoTD read a paper on the Edinburgh Hospital in South Africa, with