the climate of the interior, that land of promise to the invalid,
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and tender. The patient was very restless and delirious, and
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and Hodder have been called away, leaving a sad gap m
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afternoon a stool weighing 258 gm. and possessing an acid reaction was
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the normal size. There was atheroma of the coronary
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tively favorable event, some cases in which this occurs recovering, while in
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the city consumer within a few hours after the milk-
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of board of health work, was one to care for high officials,
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much less extension in this fatal case than in the two others.
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public has become accustomed, in the last two decades,
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it, especially if during the early weeks of life, you can be pretty sure of
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fluid behind the gauze which came away after the removal of the gauze.
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versal. In the manner of its growth, its recurrence, and generalization
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tions and Duties of Officers serving in the Medical Department,
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attention to those which would tend to prove that there are bacteria and
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more noise than all the other " snakes " put together, which is going some. " Tuck "
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attempted in such cases to make one vertical incision for the resection of
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ing phenomena that signalize the action and dominant influence
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and the other moves with it, owing to the rigid extensor spasm, organic
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artificial respiration instituted. These means alone are usually
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explain these differences, but notwithstanding the fact that I can
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is the next important part, in a microscof)e, to the objective. Its con-
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Sometimes sneezing occurs, and this may bring on a hemorrhage through
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and depends upon the extent to which the degenerative
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black that the rays would not penetrate it. I had that tube
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the petechise to be numerous in scar tissue, particularly in the linese
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FLAHERTY: This is a positive for medicine. It demands that physicians
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out with alcohol, which is a perfect antidote to the
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attitude toward life. Their collective lives were guided by superior
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complete verification, this explanation, as here given,
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M. Gaz., 1889-90, iv, 109-178 — ITIilchell (J. K.) Head-
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impossible for us to take an equally broad view, and to waive the production
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— among others, with Dr Andrew Duncan of Edinburgh, honorary
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