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Miscellaneous Contributions to tie Study of Pathology, fiy John
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the other hand, the measle-like cysticerci of calves and oxen,
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The proteid foods that are considered particularly injurious, are those
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in health, and that the reduction of the mass of the blood, and re-
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tinually acting spring traction. The very ingenious apparatus of M. Bicord
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uterine pregnancy always arise owing to the absence of
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made. But the first vaccination was performed in 1796,
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During hepati»tion, when the solidified point Hes in immediate
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land is below the level of the sea, special engines are necessary to raise
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their Examination in the Science and Practice of Medicine,
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the pathologic processes involved were found to follow a definite
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Certainly it is excellent discipline for an author to feel that he must say all he has to say in the
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(showing atrophy of the cerebral matter) of different
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such is not the case, for the mere placing the head with its smallest
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chitis were present. The patient yawned, a thing that
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germs are transmitted to other localities. The conditions existing on
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culous, rachitic, and specific affections, scarlet fever,
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chusetts Institute of Technology, Museum of Fine Arts,
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secreted. This distinction will be made evident by the following
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of profuse hemorrhage, the question of transfusion naturally arises.
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that the principle underlying this particular rule admits of more
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resume his former occupation, that of an ice-man, he
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man. After forty-five minutes of repeated palpations
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The left coronary artery was followed from its origin
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May, 1873, and the hospital on October 1st of the same year. The building is
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oxygen was given, those from the use of ether proving
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a mild course, slijiht glycosuria, and tolerance for moderate amounts of
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tion proved to be, on the average, from 5" to 10° cooler than
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make up complete self and which constitute consciousness.
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Nervous System, six ; Diseases of the Eye, ten ; Diseases of the
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following day. The best general anaesthetic is undoubt-
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with the knees drawn up. She was very anEemic looking.
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diagnostiqu6 et trait6 par vole natnrelle. Ann. d.
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such susceptibility really exists, the infection of human beings is of
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and to find its way into the body first in such food. It inhabits
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ten to twentv horses, which are caught \vild in the neighbouring island, and
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perforated so as to become lighter and less and less resisting.