who had liad an attack of insanity uVtout tliree years j^rcvious to

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grains ; sulphate of quinine, eighteen grains, to be taken in three doses. The patient

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by my venerable and much respected friend, Dr Wright of

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per annum. This office has been offered to Sir Robert Kane,

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port, where he practised until his retirement in 1847. His

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Accreditation Manual for Hospitals, 1991 edition, Chicago: Joint

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depend upon notification and treatment after the disease has

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during this period that renal and hepatic failure, set

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ence of action, or of difference of source, and that all (surgical

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woman in the city to hold any public office. The medical men of Peoria,

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when last seen, Sept. 8.*] Much cough ; was off work for 5 months ;

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Mr. Hunt^s article, I determined to do something for my dis-

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required Medical treatment. These were promptly attended

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in two half-backs — who, as is well known, have to do a great deal

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second year. His disease was attributed, and without

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volunteers receiving either a meat-base or protein hydroly-

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of the healthy kidney always contain, I am told, a minute quan-

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ous consideration. It has been found that individuals mani-

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Sometimes the infection localizes itself in the respira-

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between the eyes, particularly when Individuality is also large and sinks

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The diagnosis rests upon the occurrence of localised oedema of the arms,

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are right-handed or left-handed by studying the effects of this exposure

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has had no rheumatism, tuberculosis, or syphilis. He

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THIS is a mild contagious disease occurring chiefly among children

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when last seen, Sept. 8.*] Much cough ; was off work for 5 months ;

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in the interest of the public health irrespective of

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Medical Society announce that, for 1881, a prize of $150 is offered for the best

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sicians, the discovery excited unbounded hopes of finding here

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made by the crescent body, whose endoglobular development he con-

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Also, transl. [Abstr.) m: Cincin. Lancet-Clinic, 1899, n.