disease in those days that it rarely became the subject of operation. The prin-

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greatly in size. The interior of bronchiectatic ca^■ities is lined with a

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gout urate of soda is formed; in the inflammation accompanying

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under the left mamma, but is also observed to exist alone, extending

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301. — Craig (W. G.I Sympathetic ophthalmia; rei)ort

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was a detached circular room, of about eighteen feet diameter.

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bolism, by Dr. W. A. H. Coop, of Lawrenceburg ; Puerperal Sep-

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John Bernard Ellis, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology.

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ficial anus, thus thoroughly Hushing the whole of the large

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ed the "reflex theory" of Marshall Hall. As we proceed down

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gout, since it addresses itself to the removal of the material

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the partially dilated cervix into two bags, the uterine and

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In very severe cases the pulse may become so weak and rapid that

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poor. Such a limb will stand very little exposure to

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and the subjective must both be patent to us. The old school ridi-

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whether there is about it effused blood, either liquid or coagulated, and

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Primary Atony, — This is evidenced by a diminution or disappear-

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this were jjossiljie to any extent, l)ut experience does

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large number are from original electrotype ])lates oi' tlie ad-

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which I h.ave narrated. And during the administration of chloroform it has

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the last menstruation in the middle of January, 1902. Its clinical features :

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be obtained, but the side abdominal reflex is present on both sides, but is

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spirit, now gloating over the fancied triumphs of his valor,

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health care issues of our time. Join us now. Call your coun-

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any anastomotic pulse from entering the artery. This method will determine the

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teenth ; walked about her apartment on the twenty-first ;

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London: Henry Frowde and Hodder & Stoughton. 1915.

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under aiatal varit mer eller mindre tyfusfria. [Increase

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orthopnea, with weakened pulsation of left radial artery, the

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the chronic or continuous form. The former occurs, as

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The history of patient from the above date until he left Edin-

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There was marked induration around the seat of lesion.

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prescribe the daily amounts of fluoride for the children as a

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absorbent cotton should be sufficiently long to extend the

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like other vessels, subject to occasional variation or anomaly.

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nal, I was very glad that physicians of highest repu-