girl, 21 years of age, had been accused of stealing, and while
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the pons (see cases by Diller, Mills and Zinncr, Markowski). The result-
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convex edge and at the two extremities tubercular abscesses were present ; the fluid,
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cal journal are to afford a medium of expression to those whose communica-
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prevail among domestic and wild animals in the tropical and subtropical
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In acute dysentery the incubation period varies from one
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certain zymotic changes in the blood, in consequence
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royal octavo pages, an^ will, we understand, form about a twentieth part
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Those who have travelled in the East will know that in
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Carmichael of Dublin. — We have much pleasure in communicating-
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to the uterine walls had been made out to be sessile—
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or without suppuration. At first it is impossible to say whether
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the consideration of venesection in certain conditions in children.
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of Deville, Kolliker, and other anatomists. In the anatomical
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opinions as to the nature of her trouble and as to what
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return to his post at the head of the Marine Hospital Service.
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through the rent, which did not have to be enlarged.
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nity of witnessing its effects. The consequences above mentioned naturally
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bilious fever, which we used to talk about, but do not now ;
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described groups comprise organisms which exert a direct pathogenic action.
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down; 250 grammes of a similar solution of sulphuretted
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Diphtheria, Lemon-juice in the Treatment of. . . 559
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judices against that class of men vulgarly called steam doctors, yet
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total of 9,659 cases of smallpox. The age incidence and mor-
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From Jan. 22, 1917, to Feb. 1, 1917, he was on special diet in the metabolism
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rangements for NHI therefore would have been regressive;
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and haemostatic under the same conditions, and is the best dressing
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this specialty, and its existence is of small importance.
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mucous membranes ; the sour chyle inflames the lungs in its
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marked convex curve from the upper to the lower extremity of the
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seen on the trunk ; that the vesicles are usually quite
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and occurred simultaneously. If there was a tendency