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Journ., London, 1901. Kelly. — Ibid., 1902, August. M'Cardie. —

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that they may not have to go back to the almshouses, from which they were

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Symptoms. — The period of incubation has been more accurately

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tics of the uterus after labour. — Giornale Med. Chir. di Pavia, Maggio, 1835."

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and a very rapid pulse. There was a large quantity of pus in the

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Ten cases of enteric fever were admitted to hospital, 7 were

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tinguished, and there is no method of arresting their progress?" Dr.

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is, temporarily at least, entirely free from pain."

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place in Philadelphia with Melita, daughter of Dr. C. Hering. We may

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the fact that doctors, even those having a large income,

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e. Deteriorating Items. These items, such as rubber goods and

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examined with reference to its specific gravity, reaction, and albumin