triangular cartilage was rolled out by muscular action in the
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from Drs. B. A. Church, of Otsego, and \V. L. Ayer, of Tioga.
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be active, insignificant, or absolutely none. Double pneumonia is, however,
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who was himself a surgeon, would be able to superintend
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in a few sentences, to expound to you his views on this deeply in-
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swelled very much ; it sunk to the bottom in water, but on
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signs which preceded or accompanied it were termed critical,
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though the probabilities are against it, I think we are
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tumour. 3. A peasant, aged 33, was admitted to the Hospital
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patients in it, denied that any fuch fever exifted,
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and cold packs, douches, etc., is well known. Colon irri-
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Marston, of the Royal Artillery, has given an admirable sum-
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borne, Jr., gives the report of a case and its autopsy,
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kidney, or when in fresh urine existed as such in the blood
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will show either the existence of disease of the kidneys, or that these
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Extension and rotation are impossible, though adduction and
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afford examples, there is distinct ataxia. Severe pains not unfre-
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out of proportion to the great numbers of eosinophiles observed in the lymph
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Inspector-General of Fortifications; Director of Public Works
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Excellent facilities, well-trained partners. Attrac-
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is a flexor as well as a supinator, and perhaps more of
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enough time to such duties to allow him to attend to at least four cases
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disappeared, and the area which had h^en lea w ^^ni^^rnt.
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the bowels, otherwise of normal appearance. One of the
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birth remaining behind. The womb under these conditions will not
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exposed to the radiant energy from the x-ray tube. In
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Alienist & Neurol., St. Louis, 1899, xx, 3,5-44.— Hurd
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1893. 2. s., ix, 61-67. — Schadewaldt (0 ) Ueber Kehl-
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fully, held the paper further off, turned, as if to get a better
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The heart more than any other experiences this agency of the
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confined, crowded together into diftinft and commonly regularly
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The patient's condition remained about the same from this time on. She suffered
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(A) Influencing Chiefly the Male Generative Organs.
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40 per cent contingent fund for chemical laboratory 400
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should like to state that a most careful examination of the
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The patient is an intelligent physician, aged thirty-
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