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quently on the normal nasal mucosa, and are probably of little
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Partuntion, proR-ress of the science of, Dr. Duncan
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extensive area in the countries bordering on the northern banks of the
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4. Shaffer, P. A.: Antiketogenesis III: Calculation of the Ketogenic Balance
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forces that the old school could bring to bear against it, that
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forms of sui)purative metastatic infection of the glanfls.
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and childhood, in which the tuberculous process takes no part, has not
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case observed tiiat : " The latest investigations seem to
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source. I will therefore not forget to mention the well-
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phenomenon in explaining the precipitation which colloids with electro-
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up one flight of stairs from the operating room to the
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stole through the stomach, and sneaked in under the nether
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same remedies, and passed quantities of thread-worms {cucurbUina)^
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reality was, when strongly developed, looked upon as a
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They are of a rounded or oval shape, project somewhat above the
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posed to be equal, but in reality varying widely, it is posi-
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who originally described the methods that, since his
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reality was, when strongly developed, looked upon as a
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distinctions between the metropolitan and provincial
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treatment period. All patients were instructed to avoid
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gations, that the parasitic origin of the disease was accepted.
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when Luys' separator or simultaneous catheterization of the ureters is employed,
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symptoms are essentially those of paralysis of the extensors of the wrist and
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cian may decline, however, because in some instances
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Ligature of Primitive Iliac Artery. — Dr. R. N. Isham records ( Chicago Medi-
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to the ordinary duties of life. The circulation and respira-
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cers certain advantages, which had, in the preceding
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can be no suspicion of gonorrhoea of the vagina, llie
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D., treated with your serum, shows remarkable results. The hemor-
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Dr. Britton — They could not put in the hospital attendance. I think the clause as
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seen to be a gradual but steady increase year after year.
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completely relieved by the application of the unguentum
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exclusion of ailing children and securing the correction of physical
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form of strife or patches, as is so common in xanthoma; 5. There is