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Shiga antiplague virus, their clothing disinfected, and they are
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the day of leaving his house, or at any time afterwards. ^ body *as i
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Ox LEY. -On Jaim.ary 16, at 49, Rodney-street, Liverpool, the wife of
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By consulting some recipe book, she finds the formu-
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aldehyde, as has been demonstrated by Drs. Kramer and Tinner.
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aritable, and itches greatly. The patient scratches it ; it
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tyrHktmf^ni, nnu. 11 t'nhillinc thi ^vnnntnmiitu indinaiiimfc, tfap "riiengefr
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bones, are very large, and are, at the same time, very thin. The mem-
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smaU-pox, in a cab to the Lewisham Union without giving
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door, as it gathers itself together, takes on itself the form
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tions of the nervous system, which, when they assume a'
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the patient died soon afterwards. In this case, as in the last, the tumour was
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the periarteritis is not uncommonly complicated further by the presence
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William Osier, when the seating capacity of the Academy of
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quantity it could not be sold for less than one dollar.
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Optimum temperature 45°-50° C, destroyed at 70° C. In dry
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ful value of scrumthcrapy. Twenty or thirty favorable
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instead of the adult dose of 6 milligrams. The estima-
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whole bowel. It thus would almost certainly increase the local tension (juite
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Habits: Alcohol, tea and cofl'ee in moderation. He ate irregularly and bolted
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and we used a relatively high concentration. No difference was
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cordial region, and extensively diffused through the arteries,
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the cases (Olshausen) the source of infection has been positively demon-
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bone surrounded by fibrous tissue. There are a few irregular tubules
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He then goes on to prove satisfactorily (from the experi-