Ariillery at Woolwich, but a very inconsiderable mortality fell

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quently found in chronic cases on the less affected side, and may be so

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wall and the middle turbinate encountered a small polypoid

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" Practice makes perfect " ; nutrition follows function, and perfection

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will at once show the reader that the causes are described as the

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called pemphigus begins with the production of bullae on the surface.

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* A number of the French observers relate cases in whicn this

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ment of opium or morphine addiction is incontrovertible ; the

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Kev., 1897, xi, 19-24.— Andrade-Peuny (E.) Ou tlie

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finitely small fragments of infinitely small atoms,

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of cirrhosis of the kidney, while the atrophy of the tubules and the development

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M.D., Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Medi-

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that are more or less characteristic of widely different clinical forms of gastric

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It has been my good, or bad, fortune during a comparatively brief

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2. High fever from acute suppuration in the articular capsule,

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the action of a dual set of respiratory forces. One force acts from within

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process. The amount of inflammatory action differs in differ-

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the labour is over to see if there be any spicula of bone left or any laceration

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the tubercles. The Bavarian Government, in 1883, instituted

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inward. This is best illustrated in athletic sports, in statues of

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when it occurs in connection witli various diseases, does not in general

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tion for at least one week before they are used for an operation.

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bone removed. Immediately after trephining the oozing brain-matter

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but a more general interest in and a more purely vital idea of

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ciliated embryo not unlike the miracidium of Sciiisto-

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Gelenkentzundung,"i/w?ic/i. med. Wochenschr. 1898, xlv. 1369-1372. — 34. Ibid. "Zur Aetiologie

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to ten or more. There is no appearance of head or tail,

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and discussion on " Appendicitis" ; as also the report of the

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morbid parts ; the reading of papers, and discussions on

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NOT with child by him, that he had the most ttndei- and affeclionute

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directly proportional to the height of the immunity of the animal

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