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and the cause of it, in this case also, a fatal result must
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cervix in childbirth, by operation or any other cause ;
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the appearances of a young connective-tissue growth
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obvious. It has, however, been shown that irritation of
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Air, filtration of, 310; temperature of, 381; ozonised,
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In this stage the liver may bo enlarged. The serous part of the effusion is next
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the fingers of the operator and of a clever assistant holding the
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360, an inquiry took place at Chester respecting the death of a child, aged
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there till I saw him. On the morning of the 12th I saw him,
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In none of them had the tumors been reduced in size. In two
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Treatment by injection is justifiable in chronic cases,
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relate to his daily duties, the cure or alleviation of
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tion and the development of pruritus of great severity.
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whereas if this were not done complete exhaustion would result, and
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permanent relief from the headache and tinnitus by one
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It was in 1910 that Vedder, an American officer stationed in the
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Section of Surgery, — "Septic Peritoneal Infections; Qassification and
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branch of the profession legalized in this province and with whom we have worked in the
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good, as congestion in such eases is passive rather than active(w).
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thin cotyledons, and surrounded by a thin layer of peris-
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tarsal bands, which may vary from one to three and a fraction of the
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winning putting the weight and once throwing the hammer in
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interstitial indurative pneumonia, with connective-tissue changes of
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capsule remain in the fundus of the stomach for quite four or five
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occasion vomiting which continues for some time before diarrhea occurs,
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Where they will be properly cared for. (3) Where they
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whatever followed the operation. In the second case,
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fr(M|Uontly ()ri«j:inat('s from th(» l)r()ncliial nodes, in sonic cases from the; mesen-
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genital origin. The lesion was upon the lips in 51 per cent.
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cedematous and anaemic with adhesions to the pleura. Within the arteries