the cord undergoing a sort of decussation through the trans-
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bands and the normal condition of the masseter and buccinator
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Case III. — Consultation. Adult, woodsman. He had
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symptoms become less severe, the fever falls, and the period of desquamation
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some of them he might succumb by the hand of the surgeon
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" Dr. Westbrook, does it not take you an unusually long time
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physical disease " has never been so decided as at the present hour, be-
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the malady which ended so unexpectedly and suddenly, we determined to institute a post-
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substance, and in 37, or 90 per cent, the test was positive. The
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flame Like alcohol, ether, and wood-spirit, it decomposes chromic acid,,;
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articulations more elastic and capable of distention.
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In pre-anti toxic days laniigeal diphtheria showed a mortality
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neared a large iceberg, which reduced the temperature of the air
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The first day the members of the Congress were invited to
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and pericardial metastases. Radiology 1975; 114:701-704
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Some of the earlier apostles of the cold bath treatment
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affected either throughout, from end to end, or over a greater or less vertical
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sequel to a case of [nephrectomy] (W. M. Baker) . , 127
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that some of our fatal cases should be ascribed to this condition
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to 2. 1 In some cases, hereditary influences, or at any rate family in-
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Comparison of Whole Body Measurements for Fiscal Years 197^ and 1975
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Cobbet, a nApril, 181^, I was called to visit Philip
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Another important use of thallium imaging is to assess the
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The board of directors and board of managers of the College Train-
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better; advised him as to a course of out of door exercise, and avoid-
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there is a loss of sexual desire, and amenorrhoea in women. The memory
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scrotum, where it terminates by attaching to the testicle. It is
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morbid action, operating in conjunction with a morbid state, which had already
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tably follow. This objection is perfectly valid and well
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cannot see anything but mischief coming fr .m our present
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opposite ensues — that is, although there is intense work rendered
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human minimum ; a closer attention to the spirit must
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Koch's tuberculin is not overlooked in this list. He
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results of chloral and morphia I take to be inevitable ; for in the worst
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rcUe crepitant was slightly developed, and the hemoptysis reappeared ; but the fever had
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the gradual undermining of the constitution, while the sharp attacks of
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much chagrined when Abernethy got on his feet and repeated
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The preponderance of these two classes, gynaecolog-