on metbod in serum diagnosis. Brit. M. J., Lond., 1897,
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then why should it not be used on bronchial glands, by all means,
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writers, but we shall proceed to give the definition adopted by
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tissue. The existing axis-cylinders at the terminal end of
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their support to the prostitution of medical science or
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" Frank " B. Smith has begun a suit for $50,000 against
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Dr. Dawson read " Notes on a Year's Asylum Work " (see
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doxical, in view of what has been said of refrigeration in
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ing the upper end of the vagina, I now passed a strong
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Derivation. — Iodine is dissolved in hot liquor potassfe.
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demon.'jtrat? blood equally well. To this, however, I demur.
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part of the Roman fever, which is unmistakably mala-
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experimental psychology and logic. Physics and chemistry
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7. Early surveying instruments, including the great quadrate of
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tion, most recent studies have involved patients who
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reinfection must also be differentiated from a relapse. A true relapse
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wall and the middle turbinate encountered a small polypoid
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room. She complains of nothing except pain upon pressing in the region
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are frequently separated by a plateau. The changes in pulse rate during the
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The injurious influence of the adhesions is simply demonstrated
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Next to alum-whey it is the most efiicient haemostatic. If vomiting is
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“Gilroy, what is wrong with you. Your thinking that
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proved methods, the schools of this country have been
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Congenital Absence of Lung. I La Medecine Moderne.) Professor
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and smell, pass off slowly, and even in mild cases it is usually from
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nerve-centre from which it emanates will, therefore, be
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examined with reference to its specific gravity, reaction, and albumin
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gated, more or less bent, and even of a horse-shoe form. Not unfre-
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321. Biochemical Preparations. — Prerequisite: Physiological Chemistry 201. Mj.
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subject. According to them, the distinction between subcor-
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A detailed record of the cattle and guinea pigs used in our tests
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rather to the right than to the left of this. If it be still £Eirther down,
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tient to the electric current should be ascertained.
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the operation we must take into account, first, the anatomic relations
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right eye, but can read very large print She has no headaches and
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Fractures of the skull are serious injuries and may be due to blows,
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