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Patients under ether will not bear chloroform well, and when

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charging her I introduced a moderate sized Hodge bar pessary, advising

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four weeks after being bitten, the first evidence of de-

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alone makes the report of an additional case warrantable.

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recovery from a shattered limb, or an excision, exposes the private

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Latin names. Most of these are quite useless, and there is no magic

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numerous and virulent, as in ordinary cases, although

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blow received on the vault tends to drive the fluid from the larger ven-

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Gudden. — A gratuity of ;^io,ooo has been granted

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Up to this point I have been speaking of cases in which,

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of thirty-two. Diphtheritic sepsis is not very frequent either

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pure water, in which floated a few particles of potatoes. The mesen-

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Crijwn Svo, with 16 pa^es of Illustrations, clo h, price 3-. 6J.

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from the folding consequent on swelling of the mucous

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tion of circumstances occurred, we are informed by Hustis, in his

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began to get better — " meliirs habere caspit." —

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rhage from the pedicle, causing general peritonitis, al-

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vigorous, and they yield the tension when it is laboring under

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did not obtain g^-eater disadvantage from the low temper-

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the first three weeks of the passage those who drank it were not made

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teenth days it reached 103° ; on the sixteenth day

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rough. He was feverish and restless, skin hot, and pulse

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these were seen single spores. In one case there were

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Some Boards occasionally allow a shilling or two to a neighbouring woman to