direct action upon the vessel-walls causing an endo-
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Davis, improved by Prof. Erskine Mason, then an interne at
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Acute attacks of gout are accompanied by marked variations in the
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ent's arrival in hospital is a dominant factor in the prog-
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That is to say, the latter believes that no specific germ
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a meal every other day, so that the living temperature of
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would here observe, that this small space is by no means desirable, nor
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The following gentlemen passed on the ISth inst., viz. : —
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I. The food must contain the different elements in the propor-
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may occur, as in a case recorded by Dr. Bevan Lewis, in which the haemor-
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cially with reference to the effect produced upon res-
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may, if the bladder be so sound as to admit of repeated appli-
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A form of petit mal is manifested in the so-called epileptic vertigo, a
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regarded as one of senile tuberculosis, with some em-
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Air Pollution: A Community Health Forum (James M. Anders Lecture
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sudden in its onset, the signs of tubercle may be very puzzling
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a month or longer, and can then be removed at the office
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doses, partly because the nervous system resists less in that
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prematurely induced first ? He thought the latter :
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tain the purest air possible, and that this must have an immense influence on the
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told to return to his personal physician so therapy
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The proportion of the four acids in the oil is 81.11 per cent., and palmitic
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and treatment. — Brit, and For. Med. Chir. Rev., Oct. 1874, from Deutsches
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Smith, G. A., Back Creek, Louisville Med. ColL, 1887 1893 1882
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death following from shock, within four hours. In a
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The next most important indication in the treatment of scarlet fever
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handkerchiefs in this mixture, apply them one after the other,
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any change of this nature demands instant attention and judi-
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tise hypogastric section, and by raclage remove the dis
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strongly approached, but as the Italian representa-
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on the sympathetic nervous system as the fingers play on a piano. The
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we regard this issue as one of our greatest responsibilities, and we want to bring
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other circumstances learnt by observation and experience, in
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Palpitation of the heart Dr. S. found to be a common disease among the sol-
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against the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario because
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ii!!<l oedema of the lower parts of the trunk. This it will be seen