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ing of epilepsy. In some of them, it is true, local centres of irrita-

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pjjpped. Within two weeks of discontinuing medication, the

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organism in large numbers in the faeces has been held to be

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pil. hydrarg., with an equal amount of pulv. ipecac, every hour.

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least $60, the deductible for that year and the next year

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portant to note that small foreign bodies in the ear may pro-

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more or less injury, before it is discharged through the surface.

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460 DeWitt, Albuminuria as Symptom of Epileptic Paroxysm. [April

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the variation in tlie white corpuscles when these do not greatly

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ditions which were concerned in producing the sciatic affection. Had

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tended, owing to the existence of the ileo-cascal valve, and the

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eligible. M.D. at King-Edward Medical College, Pakistan. In-

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causes (inebriety, male sex and middle life, rickets, diabetes, gout, malaria).

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British Medical Journal, are commenting with a kind of

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amenorrhoea of twelve months' standing, in which iIL

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In one passage he says, in describing the systole, ' that it is everywhere con-

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pulmonary symptoms will be found to at once subside.

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the first phalanx. The finger is removed and the flap is turned back into the

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cular and osseous tissue constitutes the chief feature.

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wide canula, either end being terminated by a rim resembling very much a

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not be overlooked that as long as the electrostatic capacity of the tube is small

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hangs out of the mouth, is swollen to twice or thrice its ordinary

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d'auat. patol., Firenze, 1881, i, 115-192, 3 pi. — Brooks

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Cantharides, Tincture of.— H., dr. 2-4 (cc. 8.-15.). D., m. 2-15 (cc-

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from time to time, and it may indeed entirely disappear. Usually, how-

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nosis of tuberculosis laryngis, by means of the laryngeal

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1832 ; many of the children being afflicted with obstinate intermittents,

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I ganglia. Its value varies with its surroundings; it

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Dr. Frederick Taylor, President of the Section, in the Chair.

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In flat-foot this inclination and tendency toward abnormal func-

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