ing of epilepsy. In some of them, it is true, local centres of irrita-
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American Microscopical Society of the City of New York.
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vation, diarrhea and tenesmus, somnolence, difficulty of
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"It is a delusion that veratrum viride or aconite will
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only minor visual field loss. Timing is therefore impor-
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are only a series of sophisms,, which can have not the least :
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undergo ammoniacal decomposition. In either case cystin crystals
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ritis complicating tvphoid fever. Phila. M. Times, 1886-7,
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in carcinoma of colon. New England T. Med., 232:799,
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useless to attempt to divert their course from the clinics of
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pendix, distention of tiie latter, thinning and softening
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*" Scarlet Fever during Pregnancy," The British Medical Journal, January,
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ticular I have attempted to isolate the myristicin of Semmler. The oil was thus
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This may in part be the result of a heavier seeding or the outcome of
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* Miller and Lusk. Jour. Amer. Mai. Assoc., 1916, br\Ti, 2010.
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as thus laid down, has been contested lately. Thus Andrul, (Clin. Med. Tom.
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preventing the bladder from becoming unduly distended. Reten-
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Upon this a fairly accurate representation of the state of any
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B. personality in time to prevent it. The facts in this interesting
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But this paper is also important in a practical point of
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*DSM-IV = Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th ed; HIV = human immunodeficiency virus.
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justified the means. The urgency of symptoms was such that we used two
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Monatshefte, that among so many articles describing
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very fully (and giving a number of extremely interesting clinical
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Arctauiler. Erytheni fremkaldt af Primula obconica.
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number found when not suspected. When the first six
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suspicion of weakness, and have any effeet sooner than that
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of treatment, the bacilli totally disappear. He also stated
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is sufficient for the purpose of illustration. The cases are placed
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as molecular death of tissue advances, there is increased hemor-
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pose once more to advise the gentlemen in charge of
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the former, the o.xygenating capacity of the system is
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" Last summer, while acting as Medical Director at Iluntsville, Ala-
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raised to the actual boiling point, or if the heating be done in a sealed
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but pathological experience and morbid anatomy show us, that in some
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had been dilated by the mother, at first with two fingers, afterwards with four
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factor is undoubtedly the result of breed influence to some extent.
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small counties in order better to protect the rights of