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0"5(j. Compare tliis with the usual figure of once in every 'SO to
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interests of the whole profession. Essays, reports of cases, and correspondence upon subjects of pro-
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specific resistance by fat antigens other than anthrax to meet occasional
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As may be seen from Tables VI, VII, and VIII there was no con-
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cally identical with tuberculosis from the fact that tu-
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long run, average one-third of the whole numl)er under care, I think that the
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described by patients both as to its location and its character. And writers
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the tongue of an engine, rupturing the ducts of the
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and continue to follow the method, how much greater results may
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each other ; so that vhen one of these is scratched or
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Without attempting to dogmatize or speculate on a subject
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I have had very little opportunity to see the kind of gynecological
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No fit occurred after the first injection. In all, thi-ee
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entirely, generally leaving definite opacities behind. Iritis is
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Since ph37sical fitness has been found to influence profoundly the
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finds that iodalbacid never produces so acute an excess of
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Chelsea, Brompton, and Belgrave Dispensary; assistant-
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man of the committee, but he ceased to be so when he left the
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proportion than un vaccinated. This has been shown so often that it is
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months. Complete exeisi<»n. Death in tlve months.
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out with alcohol, which is a perfect antidote to the
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the secretion could be the result of filtration, because the pres-
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hand. The larvte of the Anophelince are readily told from those of
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matriarchate are likewise degenerate beliefs, and, if held by any civil-
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fistola uretero- vaginale e di due di fistola utero-vaginale
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very early and studied by candle light, often without
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operation and deterioration of physician service we might
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Pharyngitis and tonsillitis of mild grade occur in from 3 to 25 per cent,
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' Kelscli (loc. cit.) describes a form of dysentery, prevalent in tropical countries,
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Interstitial Salpingitis. This, from the inflammatory exudation
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of five cases in Dr. Keith's experience but two have proved fatal.