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d. k. Akad. d. Wissensch. Mnth.-uaturw. CI., "Wien, 1882,

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ministered, as well as for the anasarca and ascites

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deficient in amount, though of fair quality, but at supper a piece

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or cancer surgery has long been a challenging problem.

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paradox, that at a time when world powers elsewhere

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whom, I must say, he possessed certain eccentricities of

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of his time; and who comes back to us, after an absence of a few

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persistently until the desired result is obtained. Do

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Rabid swine show much fear, restlessness, and excitability, hide under

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measures having reference to the removal of mental causes which may have

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workers of late years, largely through the interest of

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d. Versaiiiiiil. deutsch. Naturf. u. Aerzte, Berl., 181^6, lix,

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Magnetic Resonance Imaging in the Evaluation of Children’s Spine

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in the aqueous and is very active. This was Barnum's

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system, and the force of the disease. If there be tenderness in

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from it. This being done the matrass is to be restored to its previous

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The latter omits none of the important sections into which the

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forations of the septum nasi, distensions of the maxillary bones,

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existence of such an evil, and have never seen anv reason to

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Councillors, John Chalmers DaCosta and J. P. Crozer

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Stage 2, or the period of ertiption, is characterized by the appear-

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tincture of iron, were administered, and the Iwvvels

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called a Hip case ; and on the use of the Bath Waters, as a remedy

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brancardiers. They are each provided with a water-bottle and six

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Zymotic P'f a>*''s '" *^i'.','='^?V; Sanitary Exhibit of the Illinois

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Also give the pigs a few teaspoonfuls of the same three times

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the center of the jacket and attached to the inner and

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to reflection of light from the anterior surface of

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stress or strain the hind pasterns undergo in unbacked young

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the fall of the year, when the temperature of the atmosphere, in our

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woman. In this case the pigment zone was well marked and

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type. Their ducts pierce the muscularis mucosae, and

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About this time our own beloved son of the South, Gen. William

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tion proved to be, on the average, from 5" to 10° cooler than

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