swollen stumps, broken off very short. In all cases the epidermis is affected

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The President (Dr. Amand Eouth) thought that even if Dr. Briggs had

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there are many circumstances which conduce to this disease ; such

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granulations, plainly the whole complexion of the case was

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edition, in one i2mo volume of about 575 pages, with 118 engrav-

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Average .MorUiiity of liie corresponding weeks of the ten years, 1S51-1SG1, 34 5

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She then came to hospital and was seen in the out-patient department

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swelling may occur either early or late in the progress of the disease. If the

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The cold bath is often one of our most useful remedies at this point

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As to the virtue of quinine as a pro))hylactic. I can, from watching its influ-

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drive past them, and marvel at the idea that through these

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tioned words or letters or titles in such connection and under such

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by insomnia, which yields to no remedies. The temperature, which is

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vaccinated as late as on the following Wednesday, the vaccination

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mended by Bulkley, has often given the "^'"^''^ disease, of which it would appear

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logically. Pendunculated adenomata or polypi may exist

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tion between it and the cranial injuries may seem doubtful. The

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symptom which generally precedes death only by a short time, probably

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treat unimportant cases badly. The clinical teacher

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throughout the ditferent sections of the county. Pneumonia, as ob-

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remarks, is frequently to be ascribed to the large doses of

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grain of pilocarpine early in the morning, and then

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from feeling the placenta. He did not believe that aus-

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is being reflected as a receivable from the FDIC and will be

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inate is so much smaller than that of Na gelatinate as to produce a

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his teeth might not have slipped into his throat, but replied in the

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they can, even in a metastasis, perform the functions of this

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correctly, T. Groedel 1 in 1918 published a brief note on comparison

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Annales de rinsti tut Pasteur, vol. viii., 1894, No. 2, p. 83.

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scribed inflammation is at first productive of no fever, and it is

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forming a judgment on such subjects, the chemical processes of experts of equal

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three parts mental powers and one part drugs (payable

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typhus fever. He considers typhus fever as a true exanthema. He

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ised more by a serous than a plastic exudation — true hepatiza-