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Prof. Lewis will reside in the city, and devote his entire energies to
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tended, to bleed from the external jugular vein. If syncope be the result
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and to mixtures of eggs and milk. In each instance the
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tion between crosses after fatigue of diaphragm. A, B, C, and D as in Figure 15.
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the majority of cases. The patient should an assistant who is very much afraid of the
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AV. Thomson, A.B., M.D., Resident Surgeon, Demonstrator of
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the 44S children admitted into the diphtheria pavilion,
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Synonyms. — Dimi-Dum Fever, Tropical Splenomegaly (for Indian
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Jacksonian epilepsy with reference to cerebral localiza-
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began to get better — " meliirs habere caspit." —
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described, and if the case has been cured by the use of mercury and
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In one of the four fleas the salivary glands were examined
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shown at the Liverpool Medical Institution, 19 Dr. Weist's
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ties : The riglit half of tlie brain is much enlarged, and the lateral ventricle
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seldom absolute, and often is a mere paresis, or paresis with rigidity.
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enough to calm the restlessness and procure sleep was given. Iodide of iron
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cases where the patient has died from a chronic brain disease or from
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Robert Tilley, claiming for Professor C. T. Parkes, of
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Bill without the co-operation of the provinces. According to the British North America
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that all just powers of government are derived from the consent of the
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for October, reports the results of a large number of examinations of
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London : Simpkin, Marshall, Hamilton, Kent & Co., Ltd.
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sicians equally familiar with the system in which they
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reaction of tlie whole of the blood, which we have seen to have been
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and patients in whom a sinusitis exists but does not declare itself by symptoms
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stimulants, after bleeding by cups to the extent of ten ounces.r-Confederate States Medical
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Pathogenesis. — It is not stated whether it is or is not pathogenic.
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have an influence upon this colour, for it appeared
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vessels, many of them in a .state of endarteritis obliterans.