ferred to ; bat venous thrombosis belongs to inflammatory affections in
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doctrines began to lose ground. Nevertheless, as this
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culous lesions were found, and the whole stock of lymph from these was
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ing fluid fecal matter. The appendix was so thickened it could
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They were too severely wounded to bear removal to Frederick.
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id found the bacterial content to range from 48,000 to 43,600,000
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the introduction of the finger will be resisted, and the parts will be found soft
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Ithe now accumulated observations showing that a child may be born alive
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An imsoaked herring is a well-known popular remedy, and may, per-
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recently reported a large series of cases of scarlet fever and measles
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In the specimens of urine -which furnish the above results,
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Intestinal fluid entering the colon contains about 125
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Leeches or cups may follow, or be used instead of, venesection in
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He took five grains of quina on the 10th of August, ten on the 11th,
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not call himself a homoeopath, etc." It is further said : —
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^^^tcr head will embrace the consideration of variola produced by inoeu-
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Treatment of Disease by Oxvoen Gas. — From a letter on this sub-
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which sutures were passed from one to the other, extend-
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for mouths with proper care, but if it once begins to rot there is uo restoring
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ment of the hand lift the hyoid bone. The glottis then comes
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ningea of the cord, or of the cord itself, is more or less erMlai
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emetic remedies, and costiveness by opium and astrin-
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Pulsation was not observed, but in the first case it was
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scribed as lancinating or tearing. It is sometimes so excessive as to force
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During hepati»tion, when the solidified point Hes in immediate
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; may, after perforating the membrane, inflict a pain-
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lent fluid for the washing of wounds and for simple dressings. M. Perier likewise
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it), pour the boiling sauce over it, and serve very hot.
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tuitous sei'vices is only a new burthen added to the
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companies enter the dietary supplement market, they
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the respiratory and circulatory systems, it would at first sight appear proper
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will not require intubation of the larynx, and those
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