sider an obstinate tendency to drunkenness a vice. It is
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without pay at any time according to the exigencies of the service.
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Obermeyeri, which are found in the blood. It runs its course without
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sician could cure her. This is the individual who now declaims
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sedative effect. Vidal recommends a litre of vinegar in a starch bath ;
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brane, and outside the anus are swollen tender flaps of skin. So definite is
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was produced directly by a weapon employed by an assailant, or indirectly
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The department of human physiognomy as exemplified in the Los
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and Schech. The second form is more rare ; it occurs between the mouth and
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gous botany idea, was put into my hands as a safe and
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February 2, 1870, Dr. Tyler reports that there had been
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two years ago, I met the late Dr. MacDonough, and was particularly
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J^th. — With his refraction corrected, and red glass over left
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ing late, and the next morning there was a great improvement
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prehended. We had these symptoms, under very unfavourable circum-
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shows scratch marks, two signs rare in Addison's disease. The history, the
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. Very soon, headache to the left of the temple, extending
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anaemia. Its epizootic character, the well marked anaemia of the mucous
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and this was introduced at the ninth intercostal space, close to the angles of
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the partially dilated cervix into two bags, the uterine and
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Local Authorities in all their action in the prevention
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Irregular action of the muscles of the eye never occurs in the
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nicious practice of plying them with alcohol during their monthly periods.
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found in the "blood of animals suffering from anthrax
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arranged for beforehand, and the bed made accordingly. It is
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breast-fed for a long period about two and a half years. After
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other glands because its blood supply is proportionately larger,
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is attached to a treadle which, by depressing with the foot,
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parts for at least ten minutes, followed by a spray of
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of the skin, commonly identifies the stomach and intestinal canal as the