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we now summarise the results of the treatment with tuberculin In

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order in which the constituents of the serum are affected is thus

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in cases of typho-malarial fever, with reference to a continuation of anti-

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cifics for cancer, conium is the only one the author looks

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fection was originally used to convey the impression

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the spread of special contagious forms of disease, as Small-Pox, Measles and Scarlatina.

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term including the widest variety of speech defects, and of defects which

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anticipate much trouble with their noses, they are likely to

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previous to the pregnant state, and (2) an albuminuria

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Dr. Barbour : I think Dr. Flexner should be congratulated

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ically as an increase of connective tissue which com-

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" 19. The dangers to be apprehended in the progress of disease vary with the

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Frequently the women do not want to come to the hospital for

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towards the ankle. In the web between the third and fourth toes

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parish is divided, covering 3050 acres, and numbering 156,311

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in introduced into the system is ascertained only after careful in-

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the practitioner is not alive to the possibility of a mistake

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revision, may be expected to add more to its scientific than its literary excel-

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ointment, it modifies in a most efficacious manner the

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secreting bronchial mucous membrane, and to the inactive

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by exfoliation, and the inner table opposes a marked resistance. Some

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hebdomadis. The imperfect immunity referred to in Table VIII

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change during the operation, in the absence of hem-

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evidence of a hyaline glomerulus might be observed.

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In the normal, extension of the middle toes follows, whereas,

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the radial pulse almost impalpable. If a well-filled vein be cut, dark

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acquainted with the natural history and chemistry of

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