felt in the left epigastric region, convex edge, sharp, hard, and

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of Prof. Miller, before the Medico- Chirurg. Soc. of Edinburgh, that

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on Tuesday, July 28, "l868 ; on Tuesday, October 27, 1868.

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is permitted to walk about, or sit up, or even retire with-

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The Treatment consists in trying to remove the cause of

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and educated as possible. Edith, aged five, was duly admitted

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the heat of summer as in winter. In the arctic and cold regions of the

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in the technic. Optic atrophy is not a contraindication, in fact, it may be bene-

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The first three dogs (I, II, III) in this series were animals from

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ten hours, at about the temperature of boiling water.

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leukocytes, 10,400; April 21, leukocytes, 10,060. Patient was given

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stitutions. — In eleven schools none of the students attends

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to furnish, a valuable addition has been made to the surgical practice of the 'city.

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to take it up. For that very reason some move should be made to

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and the admission of fresh air to the patient cared for.

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ease. We can do it by disseminating just such knowl-

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and the peritoneal surfaces are united over the pedicle

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D., treated with your serum, shows remarkable results. The hemor-

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theory made a mistake in selecting that animal in place of one lower in

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for granting a parchment to a book-bioding dentist, &c. &c. The Ohio

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another addressed Mr. Lister in English, asking to be

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MISSOURI MEDICINE/August 1988 — Vol. 85, No. 8 545

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alteration of the articular cartilages, even to erosion. Legg says that the

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separation of the membrane. Should these measures be of no

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many cases is normal or only slightly elevated, and it is of serious import

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Chelsea, Brompton, and Belgrave Dispensary; assistant-

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one of which must be higher than that of the other — an effect due to a

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delize, Pineles, MacCallum, and others) to the view that the so-called idio-

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for the fever, and every second day application of the

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vaccinia. We except an article on the clergy from our com-

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in the 64th volume of the " Edinburgh Medical and Surgical

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the external canal is blocked up ; there is a small opening in the center