cloth, which kept the poultice applied, the pulsation was nearly
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Inspiratory, non-consonating, mixed moist or bubbling rales, " #6 "
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this Hospital, the late Mr. Abernethy, of 8t. Bartholomew's Hos-
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1 ])ractically all of the others it came from sources of undoubted
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cedures there are the underlyino^ motives of affording not only direct
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continued it at gradually increasing intervals since that
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April lS-lit: Annual meeting. Wisconsin Anti-Tubercu-
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Professor Mackenzie and Dr. Robinson for permission to use their notes, and
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Eleventh Annual Meeting, held at Toronto, J^uly 3 anii
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have come under my review, I am bound in candour (whatever may be
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for War what compensation, if any, had been offered to those
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for the blood dilution from the mixing pipet when placed upon them flows by capil-
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with a second air-tube, leaving it ready for instant use
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mistaken for an epithelioma, and seventeen times for
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E-enouard, which, in the main, I shall follow, at least
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my supervision, by Messrs. J. H. Gemrig & Son, of this city.
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25 for texture, 15 for color, and 10 for finish. We give the average
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young children. In cancer of the stomach, according to Osier and
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well's Island, alcoholic stimulants were given in only a few instances, and
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rate of from one to several inches daily, they leave a raised pinkish line.
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when first seen, but early in June, diari'hoea was added to the list. Physical
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portant lesson is taught by the African sleeping-sickness. This dis-
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pupil being quite closed, so that pennanent blindness
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I am sorry that you are doomed to disappointment in the beginning
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from above, will re-open the distal end of the gut.
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David Prince, E. R. Roe and J. V. Z. Blaney, was ap-
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had worn a plaster of Paris jacket and a jury-mast for eighteen months.
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aforetime they deemed themselves incapable of doing so.
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terial in the body itself" — See Francis's Denman,
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Professor Tyndall, by recent letters, has again invited the attention
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Calc-utta, 1890, xxv, 9 - 13. — Fernandez (L.) N;is1ki
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The operation is comparatively simple, and free from
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said, in reference to the ^sculapian serpent, that it is