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times, when t£ey are likely to pull up the plants by the roots, or, better
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and they combine with the corrosive matter itself. Ulceration requires time
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cised not to blister the patient and not by accident to set fire to the blanket
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with this neuralgia be, that excision of the nerve has been
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Stated Meeting of Section of Medicine, April 16, 1901.
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sheltered niches originally hers. Leave her free, and she will
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Diarrhoea is a common and an ugly symptom in phthisis.
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Case 105. — Operator, Amlson, 1894. Lumbar region ; duration
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great degree. Nearly in the centre of the cot*nea, and opposite to the
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was born in Ireland, went to Fall River in 1869 and
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few cases are said to have occurred in Paris, Lyons, and Vienna.
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may occur, as in a case recorded by Dr. Bevan Lewis, in which the haemor-
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rights or interest whatever in the case — he is simply on the
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that it is seldom recognized in the earlier stages, and as the
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per part of tbe caecum so as to compress it somewhat. The
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years ago. He was still coughing up thick and puriform mucus.
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houses, for cholera often leaps over healthy residences.
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a picnic or excursion, when he was as active and sportful as
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wine. External warmth is also a powerful auxiliary, and bottles
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elevation, compression and massage is shown by the disappearance
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tour around and through the greater part of Western
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acute inflammatory or chronic sclerotic changes in the auriculo-ven-
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Oppenheim 4 in 1885. While this was a sporadic case, the careful study
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ignorance of the value of electricity as a foeticidal expedient, and of the
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belli into the hemisphere of the cerebellum of the cor-
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there occur, superadded to the ordinary symptoms, or combined or
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a rule the difficulty is soon o^■ercome. The most common substitutions in
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£2, 2s. for course; Eye, Ear, and Throat Infirmary, 6 beds, £1, Is. ; Royal
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in — or at least give countenance to — his very disparaging opinion
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the mere passage of a faradic current through a muscle. It is the same with
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is the removal of stones and the drainage of the common bile
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tender add the oatmeal to the broth, salt and pepper to taste.
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done to provide satisfactory substitutes for them, except to make
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Many studies show an underestimation of the gross and mi-
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which is solid ; b, the germinal vesicle, transparent,